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Here you go, Neal.... thanks for all you do... when do you have time to work? ;)

I am so grateful to my lender-friend, Rachel Brunfon for inviting me to MHE last Spring.  Just a few moments into that first meeting had me engaged.  The room was full of a mix of well-seasoned brokers, investors and finance professionals that delight in giving each other an amiable hard time.  Their response to pitches being made had more of a productive brainstorming, rather than "what's in it for me" vibe.  

I have since joined MHE and continue to take away something valuable from each meeting.  The members throw out impressively creative ideas to solve the issues facing the particular seller at hand- and ask questions that dig deeper to find solutions that would be most helpful.  

The associations I have made there have lead to positive business opportunities and a recent change in brokerage firms for me.  I have been a primarily residential broker for 20+ years, and believe real estate is a collaborative, rather than competitive effort.  I look forward to learning and expanding into more investment and commercial real estate with the knowledge and associations gained through MHE.

Alice Brink
Associate Broker, ABR, GRI
Alaris Properties, LLC

Please allow me to refer your friends and family to an excellent broker anywhere in the country, and to take care of them myself in Colorado.

An "Everything is turning out better than expected..." philosophy allows for unlimited positive outcomes... :)

Our individual members come from all practices;













•Oil & Gas 

•Wind, Solar, & other

we have professionals 
in all product types!

our members
creative solutions

When traditional methods do not provide the results sought, consider the financing element; maybe owner-carry, buying a note with first rights, temp hard money, joint venture? 

If there is equity in the property, and motivation in the Owner, a solution is available!

The Real Estate industry is often an independent-minded business.  We find great value in working together by sharing experiences and ideas in order to find the best solution. 

Brokers, arriving to the solution of your toughest deals, may take the creativity Mile High Exchangors is known for! 


we ask our clients the tough questions..., in order to get to the Deal

Counseling; it's part of what we do! 

We assert, the essence of any transaction is not the property But the motivation of the ownership!

Investor-owned real estate transacts due to ownership interests.

...in addition to traditional methods of selling Real Estate,

as counselors, we investigate the interests and motivation of our clients.  This allows us to determine if the Deal is in the property or the motivation.

 'If one seeks the motivation of another, one may discover a gem in the making.'                       ...ancient proverb   

The Mission of the Mile High Exchangors is to:

Exceed Traditional Expectations.  

    - We seek to do more for our clients...

                  by learning more about our clients!

By working through a systematic, professional, collaborative process, our members help one another and others, in researching and often discovering new solutions to their clients' needs.

Real Estate Solutions in Action!

Mile High Exchangors